How We Operate

Lead Generation Flow

We have a network of websites more than 5000+ of them, everyday we are adding between 5-50 websites also so network is always growing.

%66 of the websites focused on service industry like i need a electrician why we built these sites fundamental problem we discovered on FX marketing if you only targeting the people who know the forex you working with a smaller group thing is find new people to teach forex and make them a customer that’s a growing market !

remaining %34 is directly finance related forex news `

Why are we providing leads to brokerages ? two reasons there is no other company like us focused on Forex marketing with free leads and the Affiliate model is very profitable for us compare to any other marketing 

we operate websites in 14 main languages most commonly use in the world and traffic-wise beneficiary for network

and no we don’t share our websites reason is keyword research costs a fortune and its a very competitive area 

we don’t tolerate affiliate managers trying to copy our network we just ban the whole brokerage 

don’t shoot out demands we don’t work for you! if you are paying for the premium CPL  model you have the right to make demands logical ones

banners are constantly changing in our website network so we don’t increase one particular broker to get higher in display time, please don’t offer that also we don’t do custom marketing its a network of display ads we cant customize the entire site network just for you

and for the competition and variety, it’s better for us to show each banner equal timeframe we increase our profit margin with different campaigns and geo`s your call centers operate

if you have a question feel free to ask info@2ndtab.com

Fields to Customize

Regional Selection

Quantity Limits

You can limit the incoming leads via Dashboard like for Europe not more than 50 leads per day etc.

Language Selection

Real Time Bid Amount (Premium)

Bidding limited by lowest and highest values per lead. Set the range and amount per lead for real account opening leads 

Bidding limited by high value to over fluctuate bidding prices.